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  A reprise of last month’s leaf theme, with a twist. Zesty, spicy, piquant, peppery, a culinary odyssey of exciting greens to be explored. Not your water laden iceberg lettuce - exotic and sometimes native salad green scan enliven many dishes, and when mixed with more tame lettuces and greens create excitement for your palate. A green(ok, sometimes red) flavor explosion on your tongue. So see what you can discover in the world of unusual greens, you needn’t stop at the mustardy ones mentioned here - there is a world of flavor - nettle, cilantro, culantro, papal, huacatay, sorrel, shiso…the list goes on, especially on our featured herb page.  
  An amazing combination of flavors awaits, in the featured recipe this month. Sweet crisp watermelon, tangy feta cheese, zesty arugula, and crunchy toasted almonds. A perfect patio salad to cool you off, and treat your taste buds in the depths of summer heat. And imagine this… it’s in our latest cookbook!!  
  Connect with some of the oldest friends of cultivated gardens: herbs! Thirteen weeks of giveaways and drop in activities every Tuesday 10:00 am to noon from June 2nd-August 25th, 2015.

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     The St. Louis Herb Society does not dispense information on or recommend the use of herbal remedies.
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