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  Among a few instantly recognizable scents, perhaps even synonymous with chilly winter temperatures, Clove is our featured herb this month. A strong component of nearly every traditional cuisine, cloves have been treasured since their discovery in the aptly named ‘Spice Islands’. Cloves are also a key component in our proprietary ( although we do share it ) recipe for curry powder. Thankfully no longer dearly expensive, and readily available, try studding limes, lemons or oranges with cloves in a decorative pattern for a warm and aromatic accent.World renowned Saint Louis Herb Society Curry powder is available online from the Missouri Botanic Garden’s ‘Garden Gate Shop’ website:  
  Well we survived a few winter blasts, and the seed catalogs are arriving - time to sit back and relax - not chill- and sip a hot herbal beverage - two featured recipes on the recipe page!  
  Connect with some of the oldest friends of cultivated gardens: herbs! Thirteen weeks of giveaways and drop in activities every Tuesday 10:00 to noon from June 2nd-August 25th, 2015.

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     The St. Louis Herb Society does not dispense information on or recommend the use of herbal remedies.
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