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  Spring has finally arrived, and in this part of the Midwest we are being treated to a dazzling display of pansies, violas and early bulbs. Jonquils (or if you prefer daffodils), tulips, the breeze is heady with the fragrance of hyacinths. And speaking of aromatics and spring, the featured herb this month is Mint. A fresh scented herb, to accompany spring lamb, and in the case of the featured recipe this month - the vegetable harbinger of Spring - asparagus! Arguably the most popular herb, in varieties from chocolate scented to citrus and pineapple, it flavors everything from toothpaste to Juleps! Pop quiz: there is another herb that is both a flavor and a color - can you name it? (answer on the Featured Herb page )  
  Tasty tidbits, delectable, elegant, did we mention easy ? The featured recipe this month is once again from our award winning new cookbook. Perfect for parties, it is fast and easy, but you can also prepare it ahead of time and assemble just before serving. Shrimp and Asparagus Dijonnaise in Puff Pastry will impress your guests - serve it on Derby Day with that ‘other’ mint beverage !  
  Connect with some of the oldest friends of cultivated gardens: herbs! Thirteen weeks of giveaways and drop in activities every Tuesday 10:00 to noon from June 2nd-August 25th, 2015.

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     The St. Louis Herb Society does not dispense information on or recommend the use of herbal remedies.
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